Marian Budos
Welcome to the website of the Australian composer, guitarist, and conductor Marian Budos
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On Marian's music:

I listened to your CD (Two Worlds) with great pleasure...I really liked it. You are good.' - Milos Forman, Academy Awards winning film director of Amadeus, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, U.S.A, 1999

'Listening to his music, the most exciting aspect is its freshness...highly melodic and far from predictable, his compositional style is modern and reflects myriad influences.' -Dita Zizi, Muse Magazine, Australia, 1996

The Passing of the Black Star: 'It's a very beautiful piece. It's got so much change, and variety, and dynamics, and energy and atmosphere. He's done an incredibly good job of including all those references to Bowie's last album.'
Upbeat with Eva Radich, Radio New Zealand, 2017

'My Canberra" (Symphony No. 2) ...with its edgy harmonies, constantly changing rhythms, lush accessible melodies and rich warm orchestrations, proved to be a great showcase for the orchestra...' - Canberra Critics Circle, 2013