Marian Budos
Two Worlds - 1. Longing for Home
Music Credits: Composer: Marian Budos
Producer Credits: Recorded at Slovak National Radio
Performance Credits: Jan Labant; classical guitar & Marian Budos: semi-acoustic guitar
Short Song Description:
Movement 1 of 4 from the award winning 'Two Worlds', poignant and melancholy looking forward to the journey ahead.
Long Song Description:
"Listening to his music, the most exciting aspect is its freshness...highly melodic and far from predictable, his compositional style is modern and reflects myriad influences." -Dita Zizi, Muse Magazine, Australia

"Two Worlds" won the 1998 "SOZA Best Composer of the Year Award" ("Slovakian Grammy') for the most played classical piece in Slovakia (live, radio broadcast, TV, etc.)

Jan Labant (classical guitar) and Marian Budos (semi-acoustic guitar) recorded "Two Worlds" at the Slovak TV (main national channel) during a nationally televised award ceremony.

The 4th movement of "Two Worlds" - 'Home (Song for the Loved Ones)' has been arranged by Marian for flute and piano, and for flute and guitar. In these versions, it has has been performed by flutist Sally Walker, pianist Phillip Mayers and guitarist Giuseppe Zangari.

In 2013, Home from Two Worlds arranged for Sally Walker and Phillip Mayers was released on the album 'Hemisphere' through Chartreuse label.
Story Behind the Song:
'Two Worlds' was written for and first performed at the 'Dny Klasicke Kytary' guitar festival at the castle Hukvaldy, in the Czech republic. While an invitation to a festival certainly serves as a sound and serious reason to write a piece, there were other more personal motives involved.

This particular visit to Europe was the first time I would see my family in the three and a half years since I had moved to Australia. So naturally, I was emotional, anxious, excited and could think of nothing else in the months before my departure for that fantastic reunion I had replayed over and over again in my mind. These scenes not only occupied my thoughts and my feelings, but my music as well. Two Worlds is not just a picture of my journey between the continents. It also describes the two styles of 'popular' and classical music, whose characteristics come together here in this duet for classical and semi-acoustic guitar.
Song Length: 4:14
Primary Genre: Unique-Unclassified
Secondary Genre: Classical-Contemporary
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Subject Matter 1: Loneliness
Subject Matter 2: General
Mood 1: Composed
Era: 1990 - 1999